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What We Offer

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Starter Website Design

Starter website design with 5 pages includes:

  • 5 Designed Pages
  • Logo designed
  • Any domain name
  • Email hosting & addresses set up
  • Basic SEO 
  • Analytics tracking set up
  • First years hosting included
  • £150 on going yearly cost for website, Management, Email hosting & domain costs or £15/month direct debit.


web design glasgow

Design & SEO Marketing

This includes everything from the starter package but also includes:

  • Up to 20 designed pages
  • Bespoke Functionality
  • Email Newsletter Functionality
  • Intensive SEO work in the first month
  • 1 day a month on SEO for 6 months.


Website Redesign

Bespoke & Redesign

If you already have an established website which is already getting traffic then having the website redesigned must be done in such a way that you don’t loose your  current rankings.

This is one of our main priorities as more than often  we get our SEO clients from when they have had their website redesigned and lost all their traffic.

The price will depend on how large of a website you currently have.


Website Design

Nowadays, a killer website is like your online VIP lounge. It's not just about looks – a well-designed site is your 24/7 brand ambassador. From snagging attention to building trust, it's the key to rocking the online scene, making your mark, and leaving competitors in the digital dust.

Website Branding

Think of your brand design as the superhero cape for your business. It's not just about a fancy logo; it's the visual voice of your brand. A strong brand design builds recognition, tells your story, and creates a magnetic pull for customers. It's the secret sauce that makes your business unforgettable in the crowd and we certainly do that at More Click Marketing.

Logo Design

Our logos are more than just eye candy – they're the rockstar's of brand representation. Meticulously crafted, they pack a punch of uniqueness, instantly recognisable and memorable. Our logos aren't just good; they're the VIP pass to standing out, leaving a lasting impression, and ensuring your brand steals the spotlight.

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Don't Yet Have A Website?

Getting your own website is an exciting first step, and at More Click Marketing, we’re here to make it a breeze. Just drop us a line, and our team will guide you through a friendly chat to understand your goals and style. We’ll work together to outline a plan, discussing everything from design ideas to the features your website needs.

Don’t be a sloth – Get in touch and lets get you sorted. 

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