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No Such Thing, Sorry!

We have been naughty again! There is no such thing, You can’t guarantee any results on Google, period. The only thing you can do is make sure your website is well designed, robust and ticks all the SEO boxes to give it the best chances of ranking well. 

Guaranteeing SEO results is a bit like predicting the lottery numbers, it’s hard but at least you know the rules and everyone has to play the same game so to speak.

So, we’re dealing with search engines, the digital overlords with their ever-evolving algorithms. It’s like trying to catch a wave – you can’t always predict when it’ll be a smooth ride or a wild one.

One big reason for the no-guarantee zone is the crazy competition out there. Picture it as a virtual battlefield where websites are fighting for attention. Things change at a moment’s notice – what works today might not tomorrow. It’s like trying to guess the next plot twist in a never-ending online soap opera.

Now, the secret sauce behind these search algorithms is, well, a secret. It’s like trying to crack a code without all the clues. We can follow best practices, but there’s no guaranteed formula that fits every website’s unique situation.

And let’s not forget the wild card – user behaviour. People are a mysterious bunch. Their search habits can do a 180, and external factors can throw a curveball. It’s a reminder that SEO is more like navigating a constantly changing maze than a sure fire path. It takes ongoing effort, adaptability, and a commitment to quality to ride the unpredictable SEO rollercoaster.


guaranteed SEO Results Glasgow

Things To Avoid:


We will get results.

Due to the reasons outlined above we recommend to our clients to sign up for on going SEO work. Depending on how stiff the competition is and how competitive the market your in will effect how much SEO work you will need to put in to get those results.

Guaranteed SEO Results Glasgow
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Always avoid companies who say things like guaranteed first in Google and always appear first in Google. It simply isn’t always possible. 

We recommend never trusting a cold caller when it comes to online marketing and ranking first in Google etc. Now that you have learned what SEO is and how it can help your website you can now search for companies that already rank well as the proof is in the pudding! 

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